Stories are marked as complete and incomplete. The chance of the incomplete ones ever becoming complete is unknown, but I figured they aren't doing me any good going to seed in my hard drive. If you happen to read one and have a suggestion, e-mail me. Who knows, maybe what you have to say will get the creative juices going again. With any luck, the completed stories outnumber the incomplete ones.

Ratings: Hmm, I don't generally like to assign ratings to my stories due to that whole schtick of overcompensating by rating them too stringently. I've since decided that people should expect all stories to be at least a PG-15 anything bearing the mark: "!" is considered to be for mature audiences only.


Mel Writes Fan Fiction
Angel: the Series
? For the Final Good of Manfuturefic: “Tell me, Mr. Bruin, before I begin my tale, why is it that after so many years you are interested in finding out about Angel?"112 kbcomplete
?None Goes His Way AloneWhat happens when, at her most vulnerable, Cordelia is left alone?80 kbcomplete
?Drowning in the Fountain of YouthIndecipherable visions, unprecedented weather, and disapearing friends plauge AI.30 kbincomplete
?Double VisionCordelia, while vacationing with Groo, is hit with a pair of visions, neither of which make since. To find answers, she returns to find only Gunn and Fred awaiting her at the Hyperion.5 kbincomplete
Battlestar Galactica 2003
?What do You Hear?Rationing, witch hunts, paranoia and Starbuck caught up in the midst of it all.27 kbincomplete
Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
?UnderstandingIt isn't always easy to understand the difference between humans and demons.10 kbcomplete
?DistressedWaiting for Glory, someone starts to pay attention.4 kbcomplete
?SummonsAnya gets a unexpected visitor in an old friend who brings with her things rather left forgotten.144 kbcomplete
?ChoicesWe make many choices in our lifetimes, Anya's no different.21 kbcomplete
?One EveningA "day in the life" for the Sunnydale folks.11 kbcomplete
?A Stork's QuandryWhy is Anya still in Sunnydale anyway?21 kbincomplete
?Charmed LivesA demon, determined to see the end of the Charmed Ones, sets out to destroy the heart of their family and secure their downfall.77 kbcomplete
?Three's the CharmThe Charmed Ones are called on to help a pair of witches who don't particularly wish to be helped.22 kbincomplete
?Descending Ascendeds(SG1/Charmed/Angel:the Series) “Personally, I think this whole ascension thing is a bit overrated.” Jack O’Neill, “Full Circle”4 kbcomplete
?The Mother of All Crossovers (working title)(up to 80 different fandoms so far) What happens when you mix the lifetime television/movie viewing and book reading of two thirty-somethings...5 kbincomplete
Harry Potter
? Harry Potter and the Veil of MysteriesFifth year begins and a new master of dark arts is procured. What secrets does she bring with her and how will they affect those she is intended to protect?30 kbincomplete
?Like Apples and CurryThey were like apples and curry. Sweet and spicy and exotic and comforting. That was how it had been. But then everything changed.12 kbincomplete
?Save Me in the Morning “So the clumsy little mouse has discovered she has a spine. Tell me, Nymphadora, just how low has the Ministry sunk that they have allowed someone such as yourself to be an auror?”59 kbincomplete
? Gypsy CrowMac is seemingly contacted from beyond the grave.111 kbcomplete
?What Price HonorTensions are high regarding a highly publicized case that Mac and Harm are handed. Defending the reserve officer in court becomes the least of their problems in a volatile and increasingly hostile environment.?incomplete
La Femme Nikita
?ThirteenMichael and Nikita come face to face with Section's very own, and very real, urban legend.69 kbcomplete
Pensacola: Wings of Gold
?Show of Force Ice copes with an impossible situation tht is further muddied by the Corps, her family, and her friends.6 kbincomplete
?Lamentations of the LostSam’s assistance is requested to help another FBI agent with her own deadly stalker.29 kbincomplete
?Homecoming Vignette set seven years in the future.4 kbcomplete
?Relative Deprivation Seven years later... a stand alone piece that follows-up Homecoming.74 kbcomplete
?Past Imperfect A tale of the past, as told by an elderly Maria.35 kbcomplete
?A Bleeding Piece of Clay Maria: past, present, and future48 kbcomplete
?Familial SecretsFamilies have their secrets, so do towns. What happens when those secrets clash?30 kbincomplete
?Lessons Learned Michael muses (in 500 words or less), just a pointless bit of pure fluff4 kbcomplete
?Standing in Wait A Maria musing set at the 2nd season finale, companion piece to "Lessons Learned".3 kbcomplete
?Bound With Stars A trip out of town for the pod squad and their human friends turns confusing for two members of the group.62 kbincomplete
?TempestStrangers bring more questions to Roswell, and maybe a few answers as well.under
?Truth This is the way the world ends...7 kbcomplete
?Perils of Self-Involvement Sometimes we should pay closer attention to the fringe people in our lives.8 kbcomplete
?Nursery Rhyme Morbidity Isn't it strange what comes to mind when your world falls to pieces?4 kbcomplete
The X Files
?Modus Operandi Mulder and Scully are summoned to Knoxville to look into mutilations found at the University of Tennessee’s forensic body farm.102 kbcomplete
?Anger of AngelsWomen disappearing in a small Texas town under extraordinary circumstances gain the attention of the FBI.70 kbcomplete
?!Benefits of Working TogetherSmut written for a friend who kept complaining of only finding “first time” smut in the archives.10 kbcomplete
?The W FilesMulder, Scully, sleep deprivation, and a Wal-Mart Superstore.6 kbcomplete
?Waitstaff MusingsThe thoughts of one of the fringe people in their lives.7 kbcomplete
Xena: Warrior Princess
?Retirement Undone Mel and Janice in their less than perfect golden years.6 kbcomplete
?Winter Solace Early prequel for “Retirement Undone”.6 kbcomplete
?Beginnings Mel convinces her granddaughter to travel to Macedonia on a mission of “search and recover” but the young woman finds herself flung headlong into a centuries-old conflict she wants no part of but cannot escape from.141 kbincomplete
?Torment's Child Perhaps Hope was not Dahak’s only Earth-born offspring.9 kbincomplete
?A Lesson of Life From the Wrecks of Time Trying to rescue Gabrielle from slavery, Xena is faced with an untennable decision. 18 kbincomplete
?Sand Sand, an oasis, and a chance meeting.15 kbcomplete

Voia! Yep, that's it for the moment. Give me a while and I'll probably add a few more as I find them or finish them. With any luck I won't start too many more without tying up some of the old ones first. Of course there is that story idea for a crossover between Mutant X and SG1 that's been wandering arund in my head for a while now...