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Benefits of Working Together

“I’m looking for Doctor Scully? I heard that I might be able to find her here…”

Scully looked up from the pathology report she was finishing. A smile brightened her face at the recognition of his voice; clear porcelain skin crinkling as she grinned openly at the tall lanky man who lounged against the doorframe. Pushing aside her report, she rested her arms on the desk.

“I guess they were right.” He slowly strode across the office that was so much less cluttered than the room hidden in the depths of the Hoover buildings’ basement. He leaned across the desk, his hand brushing against the bare skin of her arm as he snagged the report she’d abandoned.

Sprawling in a padded chair, he flipped through the handwritten forms. “So this is what Quantico stole you for.”

“Hmmm…” She leaned back and watched his expression as he glanced through her findings.

A long moment passed before he stood again, walking around the desk to replace the file. He stopped behind her chair, silent.”

She could feel the heat radiating from him, he stood so close, sending shivers down her spine and raising chill bumps on her arms. She thought fleetingly of reclaiming her jacket but brushed aside the thought as his hands came to rest on her shoulders.

She might as well have not been wearing the thin silk shell, his fingers fairly tingling where they pressed against it. Slowly, with painstaking care, he caressed the filmy material with slightly calloused fingers, drawing his hands at last down along the equally silky skin of her bared arms.

She shivered again at the warm breath that gently buffeted the nape of her neck, sinking slowly into the mist of dreamy oblivion. Tiny sparks of passion ignited into a ravaging blaze as his lips brushed lightly against her neck.

She dared not move, not breathe even, for fear that the sensations would fade. Relishing in the desires both carnal and emotional, she carefully leaned her head forward slightly, allowing him further access. Her breath caught as he nuzzled her neck, brushing the beginnings of stubble across her delicate skin, further roiling the sensitive nerves into a directionless frenzy.

His hands continued down her arms, catching her petite hands in a firm but gentle embrace of fingers intertwining in a slow, sensual, endless dance.

Retaining his claim on her hands, he eased her chair back from the desk and slowly turned her to face him. Her jacket slid from its position on the back of the chair to pool, unnoticed, to the floor in a puddle of ivory cashmere waves.

vHe released her hands to thread his fingers through the soft tresses of coppery hair that caught the lamplight in shining velvety strands. Trailing kisses across her brow, he knelt before her, his fingers still caressing her hair.

She watched his movements with eyes hooded by desire, waiting for his next measured move; a lifetime of tension escaping with each caress, every touch.

His hands escaped her hair to trail across her collarbone, brushing across her breasts and stopping only when they reached the folds of linen that rested against her thighs.

Leaning forward, she caught his mouth with her own in a kiss both passionate and gentle, raising her arms to encircle his neck. He slipped his hands around her waist and drew her closer to him, his chest pressing against hers and his waist trapped between her legs as she perched on the edge of the chair.

Beginning tentatively, the kiss deepened until it churned her pulse into a riot that thumped noisily in her ears. She slumped breathlessly against him as he drew back from her welcoming lips, her muscles limp and unresponsive.

It was then that she gradually became aware of her increasing state of undress, focusing fuzzily with senses dimmed by ardor and over sensitized by longing: the silk shell untucked and rumpled, the skirt fastenings undone. Her mind slipped sideways, remembering her selection of stockings over her usual hose. She giggled against his chest and with unnaturally fumbling fingers, grasped a small fistful of his dress shirt, pulling the starched material from the anchor of his waistband.

Her breath shuddered as his fingers traveled beneath her shell, brushing teasingly against the lace of her lingerie.

She didn’t know how or when they ended up on the soft leather of the office chaise, nor did she find that she cared how the transition had been made, all that mattered was the sensation of his bare skin pressing against hers as his hands traveled along the smooth planes of her body. His fingers were pure magic, born of unnumbered nights overflowing with carnal need and desire. He left no part of her body untouched, no fraction undiscovered.

She lay against the leather losing herself in utter bliss at he continued his gentle exploration. Thoughts ceased to move though her conscious, all that existed was the joy his motions brought. She closed her eyes against the burst dam of emotions as he lowered his head, lapping a sweet trail between her breasts, stroking her navel with his tongue and moving lower still.

Scully didn’t need to open her eyes to know his intentions. Relaxing further into the creamy soft lounge, she allowed his exploration of her most intimate area. The warmth of his breath against her inner thigh sent more chills of pleasure coursing through her veins. She couldn’t have moved even if she’d wanted to, she was so helpless to his heavenly attentions.

After long timeless moments of mindless pleasure, he raised his head to look into her eyes, she was teetering close to the edge, her eyes half-lidded and unfocused. He smiled at her open reaction to his ministrations and rose slightly to take a sweet turgid nipple into his warm soft mouth, slowly rolling his moist tongue across the bud in an extended motion of suckling.

Fire shot through her breast as his lips continued to lavish attention on yet another part of her intimate anatomy. She sighed as his hand retraced the path his mouth had taken earlier, stroking her with slow sweet movements. His slow steady movements dragging her further toward fulfillment.

Carefully assessing her culminating condition, he paused in his attentions, drawing a ragged sigh from her passion-parted lips. He smiled again; she was going to remember this for a long time yet to come, he would make sure of that. The Bureau might frown on inter-office relations but they weren’t in the office, per se, and what they experienced away from the office was much more than just ‘relations’.

She opened her eyes when he stopped. His face was bare millimeters from hers, his expression sinking into the depths of the depthless azure pools of her eyes. She waited for him to continue, allowing him to retain control of their lovemaking. Strength and control was all well and good but it had its place, and that wasn’t in the arms of love.

Cupping her face in his hands, he claimed her mouth in another kiss, melting against her heated skin. He withdrew and settled his hands on either side of her hips, steadying himself against the soft firmness of the chaise as he prepared to continue ravaging the heedless woman beneath him.

He fairly ached with his need to enter her, to be completely surrounded by her soft warm folds. He eased his throbbing member against her ready sex and plunged forward, eliciting a sharp cry of pleasure from the diminutive red head. He worked slowly, allowing her to adjust to his invasion, finally permitting instinct to control his actions once her body was fully accepting of the foray. Balancing against one hand and a knee, he stroked her sensitive folds in rhythm with his thrusts and claimed her mouth again with his own.

Finding some fleeting sense of strength, she wrapped her arms again around his neck, relishing the feel of his damp flesh against her fingertips. Ragged desire controlled her hands as they swept across his shoulders, pulling his hips closer, plunging him yet deeper within her.

Time ceased to exist as their movements became tousled in deep rapid thrusts and gasping desperate breaths; both seeking to assure for the fulfillment of the other as they climbed steadily nearer their own. With a final shuddery gasp, they found climax together, slumping into a tangled web of sweat glistening limbs and pounding hearts.

He lay heavily against her chest, his weight a welcome steadying sensation as the rolling waves of her own enjoyment threatened to pull her away from him. Clutching him tighter to her, she sighed happily against his neck. They could stay this way for the rest of eternity and she would never dare to complain.

Withdrawing slowly from her fading convulsions, he wrapped his arms around her waist and shifted so that he was beneath her on the lounge. One hand strayed to her face to brush aside the damp tendrils of copper that clung to her brow, as the other hand splayed against her lower back, keeping her pressed firmly against him.

She sighed again, snuggling further into his embrace, a happy smile creasing her mouth. She loved the scent of him, could fairly wallow in it even without the love making, she wouldn’t want to forgo their activities, but if necessity mandated it she could content herself with his scent.

“Scully?” His voice was a harsh whisper against her ear, sending yet another flood of chills down her spine.


“Is this how all pathologists finish their reports?”

The teasing tone of his voice brought another grin to her face. “I dunno, I could always ask…”

“Oh no you don’t.” He claimed her mouth in another passionate kiss, pleased with the rising response he felt in his mate. Twisting again on the lounge, he loomed over her to look deeply into her eyes. “Why don’t we find out for ourselves…”

His laughter was his only answer as she pulled him down to her again.

the end

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