A fan fiction story by Melpomene based on the characters and backstory of "Roswell" and composed without permission. No copyright infringement is intended and no monies have been earned.

Standing in Wait

She stood in the heat of the New Mexico desert, Liz hovering next to her on the precipice of the rocky formation that hid the pod chamber and the monolith. She couldn’t accept that this was it; that he was going to leave Earth, leave Roswell, leave her.

He needed to know the truth behind Alex’s death. They all needed to know what Tess had done to them all by her lying and subversive treachery. He needed to know what she had only just realized herself: that without him, she wasn’t sure she could to go on living.

The strong thing to do would be to just tell him and walk away, let him make up his own mind about what needed to be done. Should he return to his home planet or stay on the only planet he’d ever known to be home? Should he leave her or deny his quest for a more important life and stay with her, making a life with their love as the epicenter.

She knew she would not be strong again. Not in the face of all she now knew. She didn’t want to be the one who let go of their hopes and dreams only to spend the rest of her life wondering about all the “what if’s” that were left hanging open. She wanted to struggle and fight and yell and cry and spend every second of it with him by her side.

The Teflon coating she had layered over her feelings and soul had melted away with that first kiss in the Crashdown and it had never been able to return to full strength, even with a multitude of hurts and confusion. She knew too that his own stonewall had crumbled beneath the gentle weight of her love and concern; he’d proven that the night he had shown up at her window in the rain, beaten and crushed by the scum who was his foster father. She hoped that, whatever had become of the man, he was living through the torments of hell for his actions against Michael.

It couldn’t be too late, she refused to accept that possibility. There had to be some way to get through the stone blockade and reach him, even if it meant clawing through it with her bare hands.

She loved him, unreservedly and unquestioningly. She didn’t know when it had happened, she only knew it had. And she knew that he loved her too. If she could just see his face one more time and tell him that she had figured it out, if she could just have that much…

Together they could defeat anything, even evil aliens bent on the destruction of his family, but apart they would crumble and be trampled beneath the crushing boots of all those who hated them.

“Liz!” She couldn’t bear the thought of losing him forever, she wouldn’t go on without him.

Eyes huge with the implication, the stones before them disappeared to reveal Michael’s face.

the end

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