All stories marked with an asterisk (*) are, as of yet, incomplete.

Mel Writes Original Fiction
?Alice in Wonderland, Texas*
(10 kb)
Alice Geistrum lives in a small Texas town with her daughter and two of her sisters. Although otherwise employeed, the Geist girls have one special means of fiscal support: paranormal investigation. Their investigation of the Sage, a hotel in nearby Austin, reveals that this haunting is unlike any they had previously encountered.
?The Fix*
(22 kb)
If given the chance to relive your youth with all the knowledge of an adult, what would you do? Six women, friends from their teen years, are swept back into their pasts. Each one haunted by their own demons old and new as they struggle to find their way home.
?The Sin-Monger
(3 kb)
He is waiting for us all.
Science Fiction
?Future Path
(4 kb)
What are we headed toward?
?Questionable Beginnings
(6 kb)
Just one of a thousand possible futures.
?Restoring Fate*
(6 kb)
Rhan and her crewmates want the same thing, for her to return to them.
?The Road to Roswell*
(20 kb)
Ella was just driving through town, trying to shorten a cross-country drive, she was never interested in aliens. That made no difference when she found herself inexplicably involved with someone who wasn't what he pretended to be.
?Studying Inevitability
(2 kb)
Technology does not always indicate sucess. Oops, under revision.
?Survival Instincts in a World Gone Mad*
(88 kb)
Post-apocalyptic novella. All Emma wanted was for things to go back to the way they were before - when the world around her made sense. Now all she wants is to survive.
?Tenodera's Senensis
(8 kb)
Often, solutions aren't all they're cracked up to be.
Fairy Story
(5 kb)
A fairy story set in China.
Historical Romance
?Tumultuous Beloved*
(20 kb)
Left with a mystery at her great-grandmother's passing, a young woman plunges headlong into an adventure of the past.
?Cassandra's Tempest*
(? kb)
A regency romance. Not yet posted.
?The Good Ones*
(4 kb)
The Golden Age of gods and goddesses meets the twenty-first century.
“The Good Ones”, a quiet San Francisco based revenge company run by the Erinyes, accepts a case against a womanizing man who seduces women, plays them for all they’re worth and then drops them.
?Atalanta and Balkis*
(34 kb)
Atalanta needs an answer. Balkis needs a savior. An unlikely friendship between two very different women who manage to reap much more from one another than what they think they need.