about Melpomene

I hate these things.

It seems quite arrogant to make a full page of information just about yourself... but then again, maybe that's why I am content to live well outside of the limelight. So why have one, you ask? That's a very good question...

the basics:

name: Well, it sure isn't Melpomene. My given name is Rilla. I was named for my grandmother, who was named for her grandmother, who was named for her grandmother, and so on and so forth.
gender: female
date of birth: 22 March 1972, I share my birthday with William Shattner and Marcel Marceau... what an odd group.
ethnicity: Native American, specifically Cherokee-Choctaw and Comanche but don't let the designation fool you: I may be mostly of NA descent, but I also have ancestors from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Moravia, Bohemia, Germany, Normandy, and England.
residence: I currently reside in a tiny little town called Kyle in central Texas.
employment: I work for a company which is the exclusive producer of composite fan blades for 747 and 777 jet engines. I'm currently working in our company's version of the arctic... otherwise known as Document Control. Don't ask me why, but the thermostat is stuck at around sixty degrees in that room.
places I have been: all of the continental United States west of the Mississippi River as well as Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois; Alberta and Ontario, Canada; the northern most reaches of Mexico and the north island of New Zealand. Recent travels have led me through Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland and on into Washington DC.
marital status: divorced since 1993 and currently amazingly single: I haven't been on a date since mid-1996
children: Willow Frances, 7 October 1991, deceased; Trystan David, 6 January 1997
education: I'm about 10 hours away from my BS in Sociology and Anthropology and am headed to Grad school at some point in the future to study Forensic Anthro, I hope.
sexual preference: extremely heterosexual although the vast majority of my friends are not
religious affiliation: Fundementally Christian although not a Christian Fundementalist. I can't seem to find any one denomination with which I agree
philosophical affiliation: Buddhist
favorite movie: A Letter to Three Wives (circa 1947 from Fox Motion Picture Studios)
favorite plays: Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard
favorite book: as a child, I loved Louisa Alcott's Little Women but currently I couldn't truly say... if it's in print, I'll read it
favorite poem: Ode to a Pessimist by an unknown author

Odds and Ends
or: Other pointless information about someone you will never actually meet

* I would love to have at least three more kids, two girls (Antigone and Durga) and one more boy (Gilead). I wouldn't mind a dozen though.

* As a teen, my hair was every possible shade of red available at the time but I prefer to allow it to remain it's natural dark brown now.

* One day I will move to New Plymouth, New Zealand, never to return to the United States.

* I'm a definite cat person although my son has a salt and pepper Snausser (named Spot?) and two gerbils, he'd like to add a ferret and turtle but they'll have to wait until we move.

* I have what is called a Type 1 latex allergy. That means that if I'm not careful and am exposed to natural latex particles, I could possibly go into anaphalactic shock or respratory arrest or cardiac arrest and die. Lovely thought, no? Especially when we live in a world that uses at least 80,000 different products that contain latex. Ya' gotta love Western civilization.

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