Notes: Just taking a break from my big fic Im writing. Merry Christmas all!

To: Cordy From: by Super Angelus

Angel sat with Connor in his arms, looking up at the huge Christmas tree sitting in the lobby of the Hyperion. Cordelia had insisted that they get the biggest tree they could find and put it in the hotel to spread the Holiday cheer. Angel, Wesley and Gunn had the hardest time trying to get the tree through the door. But almost after staking Angel with the tree and a couple hundred heve-ho's later they finally got it in.

He looked down at Connor peacefully sleeping in his arms and he smiled and closed his eyes, deciding to take a nap also. But that was interrupted when a loud slam of the door behind him and click clack of heels walking into the room.


"Over here Cordy..." He closed his eyes again, trying to recapture the moment was having.

Cordelia walked up beside him. "This how your going to spend your Christmas Eve? Sleeping in front of the tree?"

"Yes. I thought you were going to visit your parents." He said not bothering to open his eyes.

"Yeah...Well. My flight was cancelled, and I didn't feel like waiting around for another flight so I decided to just forget the whole thing. And then I thought of you spending Christmas all alone in this big Hotel all alone, so I said I was going to come over and spend Christmas with you." She took off her coat and threw it on the couch as she leaned over to greet Connor.

"I didn't hear anything about flights being cancelled." Angel half smiled.

"Well..umm...Okay so I didn't want to go see my parents. Big deal? I figure I can call them, from where ever they are at and, okay so I don't know where they are."

"Its okay Cordy, I don't mind you coming over."

"Good! Then how about, some Egg Nog?" She said cheerfully getting up and walking over to the small kitchen area.

"I don't drink Egg Nog remember?" Angel said flatly opening his eyes and smiling down at his son.

"I'll put a little blood in it. Come on, where's your Christmas spirit!" She said pouring the nog into two cups. Adding a drop of blood in Angels making it a pink color.

Angel was silent, as Cordy brought him a cup of the nog and handed it to him. She smiled as she took a sip of hers and he did the same. He looked at the cup strangely.

"What's wrong?"

"Kinda tastes funny."

Cordy shook her head and looking down at the Christmas tree, a package catches her eye. From Ms Buffy Summers.

"I see you're getting presents. And ooh look that one's from Buffy."

Angel gently placed Connor down in his crib.

"Are you going to open it?" She asked.

"Yeah, maybe tomorrow."

Cordelia walked over and picked up the package and shook it close to her ear. "Hmm, nothing clanking around in there. I bet it's a shirt."

"How do you know that?"

"Just a guess." Cordelia smiled coyly.

"Should I tell you what I got you for Christmas?" Angel asked with a hint of irritation in his voice.

"You got me something? Wait, how come you didn't give me the present before I left?"

"I knew you'd be back." Angel leaned down and picked up a purple packaged rectangular box, with red lace ribbon keeping it together. He handed it to Cordy with a small grin.

"Ooh, Ooh. What is it?" She jumped up and down like a little girl, snatching the gift away as she began to quickly unwrap it. "Its kinda heavy." She opened to find something wrapped in news paper. She unwrapped it and then gasped, immediately dropping the package to the floor, three bloody severed arms came out of the package.

"Oh my god." Cordelia recognized one of the arms as Wesley's, because one of his rings he always wore was on its finger. She easy figured out that the other two were Gunn's and Fred's.

"You like it?" Angel grinned evilly as he stepped closer.

Cordelia felt the vomit creep up her throat as she looked at the arms and to the approaching Angel. She started to run when she felt his hand grab her and pull her into him.

"Where ya going sweet one?"


"You know, I was having trouble deciding if I should have brang you their heads instead. I know you like that sort of thing."

Cordelia couldn't believe it. "H-How did you get loose?"

"Funny how true happiness can creep up on ya while just sitting in front of a Christmas tree, without a care in the world."

"Please..." Cordelia tried to push him away from her but she was powerless.

"Ooh look." Angelus looked up. "A mistletoe." His face changed into its Vampire visage."Give me a kiss." He quickly plunged his fangs into her neck, drinking her into him. He forced himself to not drink all of her as her body lay limp in his arms. He bit into his wrist and held it to her lips.

"Now this tastes better than that disgusting Egg Nog." Cordelia couldn't help but drink him into her, the red fluid flowing down into her stomach.

Angelus licked his fangs. "Merry Christmas, Cordelia."


The End.